Business clinic – 8 November

Welcome to Portsmouth

Welcome to Portsmouth (Photo credit: Auntie P)

This workshop organized by Katie Belo dos Santos, the coordinator of ITI Wessex, led by Sue Leschen of Avocate, and held in Portsmouth Uni was attended by a dozen translators and interpreters with a wide range of experience and languages from Spanish across Europe to Turkish. The thrust of the session driven by Sue Leschen’s background in legal matters was that we should take ourselves seriously as a profession and assert this through subject specialization and continuing professional development (CPD) leading to the strengthened confident marketing of our services. She drew attention to a drift of interpreters to translation following the government’s changes to court procurement procedures. We were encouraged to improve returns by accessing direct clients rather than agencies which tend to hold down prices. One way of doing this is to have quality business cards, brochures etc and to visit company stands at relevant trade fairs and to spend time in the language country, all of which can be claimed as legitimate business expenses. Definitely an afternoon well spent.


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